New demands may require new seal solutions. GMIS always finds the right solution to fit your specific problem. This makes GMIS a unique player in the market.

ONE independent supplier.

GMIS can supply all products, from all manufacturers -  truly an independent
supplier. We will select the best system for your specific requirements, using the best materials.

GMIS can provide you with options.
Do you need everything new or can we combine new parts with parts of the existing seal? Reusing as much as possible of course. We consider your demands, your budget and your installation and will come up with an offer that fits your ship.

                                              No standard solutions


In case an installed seal has proven inadequate for your vessel, GMIS will investigate all other possibilities. GMIS can engineer a seal, which will reduce installation work to an absolute minimum.


Instead of offering a standard solution, GMIS offers a smart approach, combining standard consumables with specific housing parts. This will ensure perfect installation and maximum serviceability.


Of course, only the best available materials will be used and class approval is included.

We approach seals like you approach your ship.

A unique vessel deserves a unique solution.