ECOSYN Synthetic Lubricants

WIPA CHEMICALS INTERNATIONAL is an independent 100% synthetic lubricant manufacturer and specialist. They supply a wide range of top quality lubricants under the name ECOSYN LUBRICANTS.


All North American activities for ECOSYN are now being taken care of by WIPA CHEMICALS INTERNATIONAL LTD. Please contact them directly at


The ECOSYN product range consists of:

  • compressor, vacuum pump, gas engine and refrigeration lubricants
  • engine, bearing and gear oils
  • hydraulic and heat transfer fluids
  • several specialties

ECOSYN LUBRICANTS, OILS & FLUIDS are 100% synthetic. The products have been designed for severe operating conditions. Our products are clearly superior to conventional petroleum oils in extreme applications where high temperatures, high load, flammability and long oil change intervals are overriding factors.


ECOSYN's quality products are recognized inthe industry as the best and most cost-effective choice for increasing performance, reducing maintenance, prolonging equipment life, reduction of fuel consumption, prevention of environmental pollution and reducing emissions.


Our technical professionals are ready to assist you with your specific application needs.

ECOSYN GE Series Synthetic Gas Engine Lubricants

The synthetic gas engine lubricants of ECOSYN are a combination of the best synthetic technology and a specially designed additive system. They are used succesfully for the lubrication of natural gas, bio gas or sewage gas fueled engines.

ECOSYN GE synthetic gas engine oils consistently outperform competitive conventional and synthetic gas engine oils in the most demanding applications.


Experience and tests have proven that ECOSYN GE synthetic gas engine oil can:

  • greatly extend drain intervals,
  • reduce oil consumption,
  • make the engine run cooler,
  • withstand the highest combustion chamber temperatures,
  • provide better fuel economy,
  • minimize combustion chamber deposit formation,
  • reduce engine wear,
  • significantly reduces valve recession,
  • enable gas engines to operate with greater reliability.

All these elements combine to make ECOSYN gas engine oils more economical than conventional mineral oil.