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Finding a reliable partner in the marine transportation industry is worth every penny and at GLOBAL MARINE INTEGRATED SERVICES, INC., we provide the very best services at fair market price in a timely, competent and professional manner.


We value our clients, striving continuously to meet or exceed their expectations by providing practical solutions, flexibility and quality workmanship. If you are seeking peace of mind call GLOBAL MARINE INTEGRATED SERVICES, INC. (GMIS) 


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ECOSYN Synthetic Lubricants

The ECOSYN product range consists of:

  •     compressor, vacuum pump, gas engine lubricants
  •     engine, bearing and gear oils
  •     hydraulic and heat transfer fluids
  •     several specialties

ECOSYN LUBRICANTS, OILS & FLUIDS are 100% synthetic. The products have been designed for severe operating conditions. Our products are clearly superior to conventional petroleum oils in extreme applications where high temperatures, high load, flammability and long oil change intervals are overriding factors.

The ECOSYN quality products are recognized by the industry as the best and most cost-effective choice for increasing performance, reducing maintenance, prolonging equipment life, reduction of fuel consumption, prevention of environmental pollution and reducing emissions.

Sterntube Seal Service

GMIS is just One Call away from providing its high quality services for sterntube seals, bearings and propulsion equipment, whether FPP, CPP, thruster, jet or pod.

From offices located in Canada, USA, Netherlands, Shanghai and Singapore; we can dispatch the best service engineers in the market today.



Regardless of the make, or type of equipment; GMIS will ensure the proper operation of your delicate equipment.

Seeking competitive global rates and flexibility; either in dock, with the vessel afloat or even under water, give GMIS a call. More

Propulsion Service

GMIS can provide specialised repair to thrusters, pods, jets, Controllable Pitch Propellers and fixed pitch propellers, for such makes as Wärtsilä, Lips, Rolls-Royce, Kamewa, Bird-Johnson, Ulstein, Berg, Brunvoll, Schottel, Escher Wyss, Liaaen, etc.


GMIS also offers turn-key solutions for removal and reinstallation of many thrusters underwater; which would include being repaired ashore and testing of the unit prior to use. More

Spare Parts

Let GMIS be your sole source for sterntube sealing requirements. A large stock of liners, spacers and consumables for most sterntube seals, including seal rings for such makes as Wartsila, John Crane, Waukesha, Japan Marine Technologies (JMT), Lips, Kobelco, Chuetsu, Dover Japan, Blohm+Voss and Neptune are maintained for immediate dispatch.

Parts for other makers can often be supplied on very short notice. More

Tailor Made Retrofit

Wouldn't it be great to have a single source for retrofit sterntube seals? Where advice is technically motivated rather then commercial? Where solutions are not limited to a single maker? GMIS is that source for the world-wide shipping industry. We design a seal in house, to fit your demands.

With a minimum of adaptions required and an optimum result. More